Akroma Geth – command line

Akroma Geth is your gateway to the Akroma network. No matter what client you are using, that client will communicate with an Akroma Geth instance. For example, the Android application connects to an Akroma Geth instance to send transactions, get balance and (in the future) display dApps.

If you are running the Akroma Desktop, a version of Akroma Geth is downloaded and started when you start the Desktop.

Akroma Geth can be used by advanced users to interact with their account, dApps, contracts and query the network.

Akroma Mobile (Android only)

Akroma Mobile is a convenient way to perform transactions on the Akroma network. Akroma Mobile connects to the Akroma network via the decentralized gateway.

Akroma Desktop

Akroma Desktop is the primary access point for end users. When Akroma Desktop starts, it downloads and starts a background instance of Akroma Geth (the command line client).

Akroma Desktop provides a user friendly UI on top of the command line client's API.

Akroma Web Extension (Chrome/Firefox)

Akroma web extension can be used.