“Once upon a time, in realms unexplored by mortal beings, there was the sentient illusion of Akroma, created by Ixidor on Dominaria just like the image of…”

Akroma is a fork of Ethereum protocol, using Ethash mining algorithm – thus the mining procedure of Akroma is just as simple as Ethereum. You can learn more about Akroma at

Before we begin there are a few basic considerations:

  • You will need an Akroma wallet address. This can be setup at

  • Decide on your miners' operating system:

    • Windows

    • EthOS

    • HiveOS

    • SimpleMiningOS

    • Ubuntu or other Linux distributions

  • We will not cover CPU mining in this guide since it is obsolete at this time and we will concentrate on GPU mining (stratum not getwork). Do you have an Nvidia or an AMD GPU?

  • Depending on your choice of mining OS, you will need to decide on the mining software to use.

  • Will you be solo mining or mining with a pool? (Some pools also support solo mining)

No matter which OS you are using, always update your GPU drivers to the latest version.

Windows users should be aware that most mining software will get flagged as a virus by virus scanners. Because of this, if you have an antivirus installed, you will want to exclude the mining software from the antivirus.